Monday, October 1, 2012

The 10,000 Views Party (read on)

Hey Jammers! Jammie263 here!

I just had the awesome-est party ever! 

First, I started a hopping craze. 

Then after about 10 minutes, people started leaving and my buddies and I had fun hanging out near the lilly pad.

Next, we started randomly naming awesome foods.

We all got hungry so we had a feast. Fuzzypantstheawesome threw donuts on my top, and I suddenly felt it was very heavy. They came tumbling down, and we ate the donuts. Then, we all had nap time!

Then my screen went black. O-O

Then it turned into a while screen with the ! sign.

So that is how it went, and I hope everyone who came had a rocking good time! :)


  1. Great party :) I left cause you left. Anyway, happy blogging/jamming :)


    1. Yeah, it just logged me off suddenly.



  2. My doctor appointments are always at the exactly wrong time... grrrr....
    I always miss EVERY single virtual party! It's like the universe just doesn't want me to ever go!!

    Well, even if I went, I'd just be doing a little dance in the corner. Doo dee doo...


  3. Was it today?? Aww, I didn't know :( I was probably eating dinner at the time anyway..Can't wait until you have another party!!

  4. @ Everyone but People who came

    Yeah.. sigh. Only a few of my buddies were there.

    @ Thebeatles0042

    Yeah. You probably wouldn't enjoy it anyways.. people would be staring at your hyperness. JK.

    @ Eightberry2


    @ DoomyPanda

    Ugh, that happens to me a lot too.. I have a dentist appointment tomorrow. Self-to other person connection. Ahhh.. my teacher would be so proud. XD

    @ Jazzynack

    Yeah, I almost forgot to host the entire party itself, but then I realized it was Monday and I looked at the time. I was like "Wewf."



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