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Stories by Funplay1

Hey Jammers! Jammie263 here!

Funplay1 has been writing these amazing short stories, and I have been meaning to put them up but never felt like it.

Here are a bit of them, she didn't finish it really. :P 

Author: Funplay1

Editor (edited spelling errors and places that didn't make sense): Jammie263

Publisher: Jammie263

Chapter 1

                    I was in the fields, mom by my side, and my brother along side. Dad came out from our den, holding a tray of mom's favorite cookies. Mutant bounded up with me and mom for the cookies, when Snow came out. I got him, and we ate the cookies... as a family again. "Explorer Frozenstar! How many more times—" I jolted awake. I checked my clock. It was 6:30. "I'm late!" I shrieked. Mutant was already ready to go, and Snow was brushing his teeth. I found my tail armor and slipped it on. I took my spiked leg pads next, bounding to my closet putting them one by one on my knee at a time. I put my aviator hat on and found my crossbow. I brushed my teeth and ran off to the bus. 

Chapter 2

                    Dad was in the car behind us, almost blinding my eyes when the sun hit his red sports car. I looked away. The bus jolted to a stop, sending my head forward with a bump. My freind sat next to me, her short stubby tail had a well colored raccon tail on it that matched her fur. "Hello." she said. Then came Daredevil, but before I could ask her to sit with me Snow pulled her into his seat. Her sisters the twins, sat together in the front when I heard them whispering. How small those two bunnies are, but there gossip is bigger then them. I heard them say, "I snuck into Dare's diary!" "Oooh!" "Do you know how much I've learned?" I shouted across the bus to them. "Leaping! No eavsdropping!" she looked at me wide-eyed. She began to whisper in her sisters ear. I sighed. "Today is going to be a mess!"
Chapter 3

                    Mutant walked into Docter Daintypaw's class. She was our shaman history teacher. "Today," she squeaked "We will be learning about the newer shamans in Jamaa!" she handed out our books. While she was I took off my tail armor and aviator hat. My bushy tail was larger without my armor on, and my bright yellow eyes shone better. People say that I look pretty without my 'accessories' on, but I beg to differ. Docter Daintypaws stared at me. "Do I have a tick?!" I yelped, startled as she stared. "No." she had spoken thickly and looked as if she was calming herself down. "It's nothing..." she said.
Chapter 4

                    I was studying Edmund, the giraffe shaman when the bell rang and class was over. I closed the book. I saw a huge blue heron fly at the the playground. I gasped. "Mira!" I ran to the cafeteria. I ate my sushi and cheese crackers as fast as I could then ran outside. I saw the blue heron again. "Mira!" I squealed. Everyone said she was just a myth, but I didn't agree. I knew I was not speaking gibberish. "Why are you here?" I asked. She spoke in a soft but stern voice. "Don't you know, young Amelia?" "Amelia?!" I gasped. Who is she? I mean, ME?! 

It's good isn't it?

I will be adding on if she makes more to this.

She decided it was too hard to write the entire thing, so she wrote the critical point, the climax:

                    Leaping threw her blankets off her bed when she heard it. She heard shrieks, and her father outside of her room. "No!" she cried. It was happening. The humans where here... taking everything she once loved and destroying it. She jumped out tiger rocks' window, leaving her father. She found her brother in a bush outside. "Monster, they're here. Coming for us, all the shamans." 

Here is a little bit about the topic, which Funplay1 wrote herself:

My stories called <> and its about a different theory about what happend to all the imagineation of AJ, and the shamans. The main character is Leaping and her brother Monster. Thier father is Sir.Gilbert the tiger shaman. The part of the story you're reading is when the humans attack and conquer all of the shamans and their childern. Pretty much all the potential leaders.

Another one of her stories (this one is really short):

(again edited by me)

S.O.S. by funplay1
                    Rosy and her sister, Leaping were walking around Jamaa Township. Their parents were okay with them wandering around the city, unless there was some serious scamming going on and such. The two tigers were so happy they forgot about the boundaries their father had set for them. "No farther than the medical center and don't wander off to the Lost Temple Of Zios!" Her father would always say. He would meet them at the bamboo and show them to Liza, his close friend's house. Usually she would give them cookies, but she got far more worried about the 'humans;. Leaping certainly didn't believe in humans. Rosy did though.

I just wanted to show you that, and I think it would be great if you guys could maybe write a little short story in the comments and if I really like it, I will post it here! :)

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  1. XD im flatterd! I'm almost done with Past, the one about humans. I dont know if I shoukd continue withthe others... Please tell me if I should!

    ^-^ funplay1


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