Thursday, October 11, 2012

Phantoms to Haunt!

Hey Jammers! Jammie263 here!

Sorry this took so long, there were so many new updates today!

First off.. the new items (there are a lot but I mean not at the new party)

I'm just going to show the news, tell you more about some of the things they say there, then show extra cool stuff!

The Haunted Mansion is back! Sadly, that means no one will like my halloween den as much, but I'm glad to have so many people joining me as one of the few people in Jamaa with all dens.

Haunted Forest Party? Sounds cool, I'm going!

Yes! It's allowing jammers to come in right now! I'd better go!

Whoa this place is awesome!! Spooooookkkky.

I can become a ghost? >:D

Whoa, bats attack! Little secret, if you click the moon you get a moon next to your avatar and bats fly out!!

I almost forget, let's take a look at the items!

Really rad! I remember how my sister loved medusa masks.. memories.

The haunted music is back!!

Bats have returned! Get your bats today! Ooh... the phantom vortex is back!

Yes! I got to level 6! I get a prize! Will it be the phantom statue from last year?

Looks like it's not! The Phantom Fountain is now available! I can't wait to show it off in my den!

Wow! Congrats Doctor MagicStone, it really is amazing!

The Phantoms are OUT! Can't wait to send a buddy this awesome jam a gram!

Looks like you can get really rare items at Sky High! Let's take a look at what I got:

Star Glasses? Let's try again.

Star Cape? Hmm.. maybe I should try again to see if I can get a word of pirate sword like that said?

Freedom hat? Ugh.. only like 0.5 of people in Jamaa have awesome things they named. 

Candy Cane Crown? Seriously..

Mech wings.. okay. :P

Scary Horns? Scary Horns? Sigh.

Flower Necklace, wait is that rare? Because if it isn't, that makes me even more annoyed.

A pink tie. Not rare, but at least they don't look bad...

Hat and Beard? I like hat and beards. This is a pretty good prize! :)

Freedom Bunny Hat? You can buy those at the freedom party right? Is the freedom party still here? If not, I am totally not trading this. :P

2 Backpacks. One black, one red. I can buy these at Jam Mart Clothing.. not rare at all. 

Police hat? Hmmm.. I randomly don't feel like recycling things I got.

Here is my Sky High record:

That's right, 302 gems! Some may have more than this, but I bet nobody has 400! ^^
Ugh.. I just lost three prizes because I was right at the top, the first time I hit a phantom the second my computer froze and I couldn't move. My third.. let's just say there were phantoms EVERYWHERE, and my computer was laggy.

I have asked many jammers, and so far here are the list of things that have been given (will be edited):

1. Star Cape

2. Butterfly Wings

3. Star Glasses

4. Mech Wings

5. Bow and Arrows

6. Necklace

7. Lollipop Necklace

8. Candy Cane Crown

9. Freedom Wings

10. Pirate Sword

11. Freedom Mech Helmet

12. Backpack

13. Police Hat

14. Bunny Hat

15. Freedom Bunny Hat

16. Flower Necklace

17. Scary Horns

18. Hat & Beard

Tell me what you got!

 Keep on trying guys, it's possible!

Some new and detailed changes made in Jamaa:

At Appondale, you may have not noticed that at the end of the chimes are now candy corn! ^^

What happens if you click it: Nothing. :I

At many places in Jamaa (this one was taken in Appondale), there are bats! You will most likely find them in trees.

What happens when you click it: 

They fly around, glaring at you like mad maniacs. :P

I hope that's it. 

Do you like the new updates?

I do, but I do sometimes get tired of posting all the new and awesome changes!!


  1. The orange wolf is my friend!! 0.0

  2. I want Freedom Wings O.O
    So far the only prizes I get from SkyHigh are just one star cape and and one yellow bunny hat (The whole thing isn't yellow, the tips and eyes are.)
    -I want Freedom Wings wolf :P

  3. I got a pirate sword from sky high! Tell me if you want it jammie. :3


    1. You'll gift it to me? :D If not.. that's okay. D: Nobody's going to ever gift me it.. sigh

      I don't know what to trade because it's not that rare now.. but I still really want one.

      If you do, I will put your name up here and if you want, add you. ^^ (I may still add you if you don't..)


    2. Ya I can gift it to you!


Please be kind to one another. :)

See you in Jamaa,

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