Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pumpkin Head

Hey Jammers! Jammie263 here!

Looks like there aren't many items today!

The pumpkin head is 150 gems, members only.

Just a quick notice, chicken smoothie has now been edited to halloween. Quick, collect candy, enter the giveaway, and trade your candy to Totoro for awesome items!

It ends soon, just a one time offer for a few days!

I also was able to get my biggest dreamie ever today!

I won a huge giveaway for her, and I can't believe I spent 4-5 hours on my form!

Take a look:



Hello! My name is Feeling the Love. Do you want to know how my username came to be? 

No answer? Well, I assume you mean yes then— no? Okay.. I shall hold back from telling you about how my name was came to be, for your own good and others'. (that would take forever) :D 


The holly leaf warrior cat, Mistletoe! She is my ultimate dreamie — of all time. I'm so happy you are holding this giveaway because I may finally have a chance to get her! It seems everyone with her has her NEFT or NFT, which makes it very hard for me to be able to get her. Considering the fact that some people who are quitting and are giving away all pets, I guess I have a chance. Yet sometimes in a blink of an eye it's gone, and my trade gets automatically cancelled. I have had a chance to get her 2 times, and both were automatically cancelled because someone took it right before me. I'm getting off topic. I really don't care about her rarity, even if she were an OMG so common I would still love her. Even if she was a 2012 I would still love her. I just love her looks. Okay, some pets I want for their rarity but she is different. I feel related to her, and she just goes straight to my heart. There's no stops about checking her rarity, how old she is, or whatever. Am I writing too much about this? I shall stop this answer.. and let you go back on your way. Sorry to take up so much of your time, my fingers are just type type typing away like crazy. So much to say! 

Like I said before, she is one of my ultimate dreamies. No, that is not why I want her. Then you would have to ask me why she is my ultimate dreamie. I love her orange fur and white stomach. Her dark orange on her paws is also great. The holly leaf in her mouth is also very elegant, and she simply looks amazing. She for some reason like I said relates to me, and I think her meaning is like she's not the same as she looks. That you shouldn't judge someone by how they look, but more about who they really are. Like she looks like a fox but is really a cat. The first time I saw this pet, I examined her and stared at her for a whole 15 minutes. Okay, maybe exaggeration, more of 9 minutes. My eyes were wide eyes like this: O_O and I knew instantly I wanted her very very badly. I knew I would do just about anything for her, and that she was officially my biggest dreamie ever.


First of all, let's say I would jump up and down and scream "I GOT HER! I GOT HER!! :O". Seriously. I have been wanting her since I met eyes with her, which was actually not long ago since I'm quite new.. but still. A little reminder, she's one of my ultimate dreamies! (which I'm assuming you get by now XD) She also resembles a fox I believe, and I love foxes. :D I would put her in my "Warrior Cats (hoarding)" Group but for her name I would add in (NEFT Thanks MelanieLovesYourFace). I would cherish her forever and ever, and on my trade settings I would say "I HAVE ACHIEVED MY ULTIMATE DREAMIE! THANK YOU SO MUCH MELANIELOVESYOURFACE!" And every time I would look at her I would say "YES!" and I would be so happy tears would come out. I'd tell everyone I knew "I GOT MY ULTIMATE DREAMIE I GOT HER I GOT HER!! :)" so many times over and over again that soon everyone would get tired of my screaming and jumping up and down actions. XD


Never!! Ever!! Ever!! Usually I would say "No, unless I get a huge overpay" but in this case, not even if I get a huge overpay! She is my biggest dreamie of all time so why would I ever trade her? If I did, I would regret it every day I'm without her. I will make sure that she is never left alone and is always adored, loved, gasped at :o , and given lots of attention. I will still not do "Never trading" but instead "Trading for Wishlist pets only" because more people check out my trade place than my pets. That way, she could be adored more often by CS users, and I would put her on my trade settings and say "DON'T YOU EVER DARE TRADE FOR HER. I'M NOT TRADING HER IT SAYS NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEFT!" :P


I think this pet is perculiar because I can't quite figure out this warrior cat's name. I think it's either simply showing a fox or trying to explain Holly, one of the warrior cats. (I love the warriors series but I'm not too good with their names. There are so many! :P) I find it peculiar to why in the world she would have a hollyleaf in her mouth.. it's just so random. I love randomness, so that makes me like her even more. Like sometimes I someone says "Hi!" to me and then randomly I say "Go climb up an upside down tree." Yes, randomness. I also think "Was she a fox morphed into a warrior cat?". It seems too odd that she would look so much like a fox, not that that's bad. As you can see, I like that since otherwise she wouldn't be my biggest dreamie of all time! :mrgreen: Wait.. there was something else.. Oh right! For some reason I come to this page every single day to look at her.. stare at her... :shock: . Yes, I am weird like that. XD


I will name her Holly, or keep her name as Mistletoe. I like both of them, I'll think of that if I actually get her. If necessary since I can't decide, I may just write "MistleToe (or Holly)" in. I hope that if I get to have her (that would be a dream come true) I after a while could even put in parentheses, HollyStar, because I think she deserves to be the leader of a warrior clan! It would show her dignity, loyalty, and she would be trusted and respected even more! Sorry, am I getting off topic...?


What I want you to know: I'm still working on it, and if you like it make sure you come here often! More is added on often, until this ends so remember to read this later! I took a long time.. a really long time. Sorry if the chapters are short, there are just so many cliff hangers to cut it off and make a new chapter, you know? This was very exciting to make, and I hope to continue this even after this giveaway ends! Even if I don't win (there are many great posts out there), I can message you my new chapter if you'd like! If you really just don't like this, I understand just please don't give me an excuse I will understand. :) I'm not the best writer, but I try hard and I'm a good sport!

Chapter 1

I paced behind the bushes. I can't hide forever, can I? If I want to become a warrior, I have to let myself show, I thought, slowing down. "But I'm a fox, they will never be fooled. If only I were a cat." I hope they didn't hear me. "EEK!!!" A young kit was leaping up and down, obviously spotting something. I daringly peaked my head out of the bush. A female kit, white as snow with a grey stomach and black paws. Her eyes were interestingly orange. 
Wait a second, she was staring at something in my direction now. I stopped breathing, and our eyes met.

Chapter 2

Had she'd seen me? "Oh great," I said in a normal voice. I couldn't hide now. I stepped out. My shoulders sagged, yet she still seemed to look at me like I was trying to hurt her. "Get away from me!" Quite a bold kit. I spoke for the first time to her. "I'm not trying to hurt you. I uhhh... kind of wanted to become a cat myself." There was an awkward moment of silence, as she stared at me as if I were acting crazy on purpose. "Yeah right," I heard her murmur. "Well, my name is MistleToe. And yours is..?" I tried to sound polite and sympathetic. "Quit your acting," the kit spat at me, daring a glare. "Could I at least go see your uh, leader?" My heart was pounding fast.

Chapter 3

"Fine." She seemed grouchy, whoever she exactly was. I followed her past thistles and branches. "And you are...?" I asked yet again, hoping she would finally answer and not make me ask yet again. "It's SnowKit." She hurried on, not looking back. "So you're a kit?" I felt suspicious and dumb at the same time, for of course she was a kit, she literally had it in her name. "Yeah..." "Then why are you out here?" I was full of questions, but it seemed only this one would be a pretty good comback. "I slipp—. Nothing." She seemed careful not to say too much. Sadly I couldn't make out much from I slipp. I slipped? Slipped on what? Slipped away? I was pondering with questions, my brain practically bursting. "It's none of your business. Now, do you want to see PatchStar or not." I spied the twoleg tent.

Chapter 4

SnowKit dipped her head toward a white cat with brown splotches. I assumed it was the leader, who she called PatchStar. "Come in." She sounded calm and certain, much like what I had always imagined a clan leader to be like. I stepped into the tent. "Who is she?" I heard PatchStar whisper to one of the warriors next to her, and he whispered back. All I could make out was "Found... SnowKit.. slipped... a fox.. beware." It was hardly any information. PatchStar seemed to have a little worried look but overall an amazing poker face. "Okay."
"MistleToe. Where are you from?" Her voice sounded kind and thoughtful. "I.. was from.." My voice trembled and I swear the word I said could only be heard by PatchStar herself.

Chapter 5

"The house?!" PatchStar seemed extremely surprised, which was actually the reaction I had been expecting. "You're a house cat!? Or fox..?!" The warrior next to PatchStar laughed, which was not even half better than him chanting "She's a house cat! She's a house fox! Or whatever she is.." over and over again. " I hadn't payed that much attention to the warrior earlier. He was an orange tom cat, with darker stripes.
"OrangeStripe!" PatchStar glared at him, and he quickly hushed. "Why are you here?" PatchStar didn't seem as kind anymore. Her tone was harsh, although I could tell she was bluffing. I'm pretty good with emotions. Behind all her bristled fur, she looked worried and even a bit scared. 
"I'm a loner. I just want to join ThunderClan," I said truthfully, well, half truthfully. "I see.." Her muscles were still tensed, but she did seem to relax a bit. It's really short.. I don't know why I made each chapter so short.. just so many good places I could end it. "Wait, this is ThunderClan right?" I had forgot to ask SnowKit. "Yes." PatchStar seemed to feel in control again, and she settled back down into her pile of moss. 

Chapter 6 coming soon! 

Comments I have to you: These last few days I have been editing this a lot, and I hope that I didn't edit it too late. We are aloud to edit it right? It seems not many others have.. so I'm worried. I shall read the rules over again.

15 minutes later...

Well that took a long time. XD Anyways, it seems I am aloud to! Yes! Wait.. you didn't say so I'm wondering are we aloud to edit on the day it ends as long as you didn't announce the winner yet? 

LOL, is this too long? Are you being affected by the word art? If so, I can take that off.. or you can completely skip over this post although this in all took me about 3 hours to write. I'm so happy you have decided to host a giveaway instead of making a post about giving away all pets because then I'm guessing I would have like no chance or getting my ultimate dreamie. Many people just take the better pets first, and I wasn't one of the earlier people to find out about this awesome giveaway. I hope you had a great time on CS, and I hope all of these pets go to great homes! All this is definitely worth it, and I trust you to pick the person who has the best form! Can't wait for the winner to be announced! Good luck guys. :D (I often don't write this much in giveaways but this time it's truly worth it. If you really want a pet, you should be willing to post an AT LEAST 3 sentence answer! What would be more loved than MistleToe (or Holly[star]) to me than anything else? :P

I used my story I made here. Do you like my form? :D

If you're wondering, MistleToe is never for trade!



See you in Jamaa!


  1. Congrats! I'm glad that you are happy and that you won! :)

  2. so i started but how do i send people pms *messages* and how do i comment on forums .-. and for the pets that you have how do you make catigorys for them to go in?

    1. You go to their profile and you click "Private Message" or something like that.. right under "Contact me".

      To comment on forms.. it's confusing you have to first post something on a place that allows anyone to post at, then get it approved by the moderater. Once it does, you can post anywhere except where no one can. Confusing? Right.

      Oh, this is very simple. Go to "My Pets" and go to the very bottom. There you will see options such as the group's trade settings, how to delete the group, (how to rename this group if it is not the "Pets without a Group" group), and last of all making a new group. Click "Make a new group", something in those words and then type in the space. Name the group, and then click "done" or something similar to that. To move pets into your other groups, check them off (don't click them click the box under them) and go to the place that you can choose from all the groups that has a "Go" at the right of it. (not the top one) Then click "Go" and those pets will be moved there!

      Simple? Simple.

      Hope this helped!


    2. omg you know how my account was banned for 3 days when i was just changing from my nm account to my member! well it did it again and im really scared im going to get banned from animal jam for no reason at all! and this time i was logging into my member account and having my nm account both logged in so i could do this video *it's easier when it's just you* should i send animal jam head quarters an email or will they just ignore me!! i swear i did nothing wrong i was only trying to have my member and nm account logged in at the same time to do a video DX im really really really scared my account is going to get banned when i did nothing please i beg you to help me!! what is going on!!!

    3. when i do a trade with someone or someone does a trade with me.... how do i comment: ex. Thanks for the trade!
      like is there a thing i press and how do i reply to them


Please be kind to one another. :)

See you in Jamaa,

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