Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Early Updates?!

Hello Jammers! Jammie263 here!

I have to post before 4:00 PM or I will have to do it tomorrow.

Anyways, lots of updates today! It's usually supposed to be on Thursday, maybe they were in a rush?

Well, I won't say much about each thing, if that's okay. ^^

There is a new post about saving big cats! Check it out? Want to help big cats, purchase some today!

At the conservation museum, you can donate gems to help these big cats!

A little more info...

Splash and Dash is now available for everyone! I actually haven't be able to play this game yet, so if you do tell me how it is, and if I think it sounds good I will try it!

Talking about games...

Best Dressed is now having all gems earned multiplied by 2! Great deal, huh?

Feast of Thanks, wow maybe that's why they did the update early. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and they may have wanted an extra day.

The alpha spotlight is on...


He's a very interesting alpha, so if I were you, I'd read it! xD

They look cool! Are you going to buy them?

Credit goes to Hali Utile! Do YOU think snow leopards will come to Animal Jam?

Also, here's the daily item:

Also, snow has been spotted in Jamaa! (I went online but for some reason forgot to take a picture..?! xD)

See you in Jamaa!


  1. how cute grahams story is!!! I want those wristbands, they seem cool!! I just think they are overpriced, probably beacuse the moey goes to helping the big cats. The conversation Musem looks MUCH MUCH better that way!! In my poinoin, Splash and Dash is just a slower and more confusing and hard version of Jamaa Derby. :( I don't like the game personally.

    ^-^ funplay1

    1. Yeah! Ikr, overpriced but it's for the big cats!

      Ah.. I see so it's basically just the underwater version of Jamaa Derby? I'll try it maybe.. although like you said it doesn't sound too interesting. I just want to see the background. ^^


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See you in Jamaa,

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