Sunday, November 25, 2012

Square Glasses - 20,000 Views

Hello Jammers! Jammie263 here!

This blog has reached 20,000 views! I'm so amazed, we've gone so far! Like I promised, there will be a party soon! I'm not sure when yet, but I'm hoping for this time:

Monday, November 26, 2012

5:00 PM Northeastern Time Zone United States of America

Sound good? If not, comment below and I will try to get it to fit as many of you as possible! If you don't live in the Northeastern time zone of USA, you can tell on this blog! I have a digital clock, so once you find it, you'll know when! (it's on one of the side bars of this blog)

See my new pages and the ones deleted? If you want an explanation.. click here.

My sister, IndigoCat edited my Hollystar's Quest story, so check that out too! (if you already read it, mind reading again? It's a lot better!) I added a lot of chapters, and if you didn't already check just a few minutes ago, you didn't read the entire thing yet. ^^ Click here to read it!

Also, did you notice I finally changed the blog for the winter season? Do you like it?

Now, onto the daily item...

Square glasses are 350 gems, members only.

Don't you think they look like 3D glasses? xP

Those are one expensive pair of 3D glasses if so! xD
A while ago I thought that from the star glasses and more, it would have something to do with space.

But you know what? I think it has to do with shapes! Round glasses, square glasses, what next? Triangle ones?

Comment below to tell me what you think!


  1. What happened to our friendship? I miss you girlie :P You knew about my username change right..? I am XxPitbullzxX but I used to be Wolftown56? You were such a great friend :(

    1. Oh.. that was you? A while ago I got confused because I didn't know who pitbullz was. xD At first I thought it was you, then I totally forgot. Once we meet, I'll add you again 'k?

  2. D: that time doesn't work. If you could ever do a party, on the weekdays, it has to be after 6:00 becuase of my after school :'C I will read Hollystar's quest again now :D

  3. I also love how this blog looks. Maybe you could take a screenshot of yourself or me, jumping on a pile of snow im Jamaa township, and one of us saying: "Agh! You got snow all over me! D:<" XD


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