Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sorry guys...; Small Update!

Hello Jammers! Jammie263 here! 

Sorry for an even later post than usual.

I know I'm not helping at all by saying this, and I'm sorry if you are mad/annoyed by me.

It's just that my mom gave me a note back from mine, saying that she hoped it was just a one time thing and that she hopes I will not do it again.

I really feel guilty about it, and I'm very thankful so I don't want to be breaking anymore of her (annoying) rules.

Onto the small update:

The daily item is the homemade wings! I actually really like these, especially on bunnies. 

They just remind me so much of the shamans/alphas.

The biggest thing about this update is the sea turtles! They are now for everyone, like many of you predicted. :P

I feel that Animal Jam is really trying to make everyone happy! They already turned 2 members only animals into animals for everyone! (don't worry I like that x3)

The foxes.. blah blah blah yeah we already know that. But.. there are new videos!

Wow, he sure likes to make them. xD

They are cool, maybe you should check them out.

Peck's having an art contest! I simply can't wait to see everyone's pictures!

(I probably won't enter, I'm not the best in computer art [I'm not too bad at drawing on paper though, yeah, not TOO bad.].)

Are you going to enter?

(Just saying, Peck you look... errr.. not as amazing as usual.. just saying)

Greely is the spotlight shaman for this update!

Enlarge to read it!

Yeah, isn't Greely awesome?

He looks great in this picture! 

This is the new november activites!

They seem to never put them in the right order.. and never give you any hints. Dx

Well, that's it, so see you later guys


—and girls!

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