Monday, November 5, 2012

Is this really gingerpawz?

Well I see that gingerpawz has been acting strange recently
first she said Snowy and Free are mean because they scammed.
Then she suddenly calls Feelers rude whenever she comments!
Strange right.

Reconigze how Feelers is trying not to hurt gingerpawz's feelings while gingerpawz is just is just calling her rude? 
When I first met gingerpawz, she was so nice and took things SO easily, she didn't take haters so seriously. Now shes taking it so seriously, a bit like LoveLost no offense.
So is this really her? Is it?
I hope if any of you gingerpawz fans read it don't get insulted it's just that she's been acting really strangely recently.

Signing off!


  1. Yeah.. that is weird.

    But I kind of agree about what she first said, but Feelers is definitely not mean!

  2. I think she is still sensitive about all the people that are mad at her.


  3. Seriously? Just insulting LoveLost like that, but then adding "no offense" to the end? That makes it no less offensive.

    1. Hey, Anonymous.
      I honestly don't remember how this works, so maybe you will never see this reply.
      First off, I'm so sorry for not publishing your comment sooner. I, along with my friend who posted this, have moved on from Animal Jam three years ago.
      That is so long ago! I don't remember this post and I don't remember what we were like, but I do sincerely apologize if you felt offended. Hopefully, we have hurt anyone's feelings.

      Thanks for still checking out our blog, even though it's no longer active! <3


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