Sunday, November 18, 2012

Old Scuba Helmet - 19,000 Views

Hello Jammers! Jammie263 here!

This is a quick post, about the daily item today!

First off, this blog now has 19,000 views! Meaning only 1 more K view (1,000) and we'll be up to 20,000... and we'll hopefully PARTY!

Now, I'm going to move on.. xP

It is 300 gems, members only at Bahari Bargains.

This item somehow makes me feel that it should go on a seals' head.

Weird right? xD

You know how animal jam made some member animals for all players? Do you think that they will do similar things for some of the member items?

Would you like that idea? Why of why not?

Sorry for all the questions... it seems that every time I ask a question, there's one following up in my mind. XD

Also, do you like me talking a lot about the item, or more about what's going on with me?

I want your opinion, so comment below!


  1. Truthfully I think you should talk more about other new in AJ, not that I don't care about you, but you have a blog for your life so yea...

  2. I think that they should make some member items non member, but i doubt that HQ would do that... so more people would buy memberships.
    And congrats on 19,000 views!!

  3. Sounds good, I love the music on ur blog its my fav, Also Im coming to the views party when U get 20,000 views Totally ur so cool, And i like the idea about some players getting membership items when theyre nm :3 And can anybody visit My blog animal jam kick? or try


Please be kind to one another. :)

See you in Jamaa,

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