Tuesday, November 27, 2012

(No Title, I don't Need One, Oh wait, I made a Title)

It's me Vera/ thebeatles0042/ XxSilverMockingJayxX/ OneDirection1DisAwesome!
(I have way to many accounts... just  don't count Vera, that's my blogger profile name)
Well, Animal Jam isn't that addicting anymore, it isn't fun anymore, and it isn't good.
There are way too many scammers, hackers, beggars, haters, you name it, those EVIL BAD JAMMERS.
And recently I've been learning some pretty horrid news about nice jammers turning into these types of people. And do I like it? No, I HATE it.
Plus, did you know that if you spend to much time playing games on the computer can make you loose brain cells? You must be thinking now, 'I can just grow it back.' Nope, it won't grow back. And because of losing brain cells, it could make you people get lower grades. 
This has happened to me. 
I normally got straight As, A-s, A+s, yep, As....
But then when I entered 4th grade (I'm now in fifth grade) I kept on getting my worst grade. A B+.
I kept on wondering what's wrong? Why am I getting such bad grade?
Then I realized, it was AJ that was getting me bad grades.
So then, what did I do? I stopped for a while. Then a few days later after I learned about One Direction (April 7th) I started to go back playing, but then I quit and only got on when my friend Jammie263 came over to my house (In person)
Now, I sort of quit. And does it help? Yep.
It helps me way better. Now, I'm concentrating better in my work.
So yep, that is my post on why AJ isn't good for everyone, including people who are trying to make their dream careers come true. I practice my figure skating at least 3-5 times a week, for at least 1-4 hours, 
Even when I played AJ, it made my skating worse. Now I'm on at least level 15 (Freestyle 5) at least 5 more levels until it's possible for me to make it on the Women's U.S Figure Skating Team.
So far quitting AJ has really helped.
Thank you for those bloggers, jammers, and friends for warning me what bad will come.
Thank you.

(This post is my XxSilverMockingBirdxX/thebeatles0042)

Signing off! :)


  1. Lol, in music for 3rd grade or 2nd.. something like that... you got a B- I remember. :P

    1. I think it was in 2nd.....Yeah, I hated music and kept on getting B-s XD

    2. XD I don't do as good in music ether :P

  2. I know just what you mean, AJ was just too time consuming, took too much time away from my reese cups, it just wasn't fair, they were feeling neglected. Now the only thing I put ahead of them is God!

    Keep God as your focus and you will achieve your dreams, when we make other idols (like AJ, celebrities, internet, etc) it is only to our destruction! God has given you 2 talents, smarts and skating, I am glad you are focusing on and improving on those gifts!!

    1. I agree. I have kind of been bored of posting here, but I guess I just don't want to stop the blog that I was most successful on. I don't really go on Animal Jam much, and mostly I just find out the news from other blogs I follow.

    2. yes... indeed. AJ comes after reese's cups. But, tiggerkat sorry if this is mean, what about family? Would you choose God over family? I'm not very religous, I don't go to curch... I belive in God and stuff though. But if you could choose, God or Family?

    3. @Tucker, that's a tough one, God tells us to love him 1st and most, but that one in real life I really do struggle with bc I love my family very much! But putting God 1st doesn't mean you love your family less and He would NEVER ask you to choose btw Him and your Family.

      If you want to learn more about God I would recommend trying sunday school, it is a fun place to learn more about Him and hang with friends who also believe. If your parents can't take you, maybe your friend's parents can. XD


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