Friday, November 2, 2012

It's Different.

Hello Jammers! Jammie263 here!

You get to read an extra post today!

This will be all serious, not funnies.

(sorry if you wanted a good laugh)

I just realized how different it is on my storage accounts, whether I'm on jammie264, jammie265, jammie266, jammie135, nonmemberbatwingsrule135, and all those other ones, it's way different than my oldest account that I use most often, jammie263.

Not that I feel different, it's just I am treated differently.

On my other ones, I am ignored by everyone but my really old friends like shegirl, rsetiawan, isetiawan, and a few others.

I just went on jammie264, and here is what I found:

The first proof that these are not activated accounts is...

first of all 'y' doesn't come before 1. Basically, they put all the real accounts in the front in order from 1-9, and then a-z. The first one, yorbely is a real account that is still used, which is why it goes in front.

Here are some other ones, in order. 

Want proof?

Try searching up each one but the first one, and you will find them all grey tigers.

On jammie263, where ever I go I am almost always with a buddy, and people are always pestering me with trades and mail.

Buddy requests, all the time, once I loged off and logged on again, and found 67 JAM-A-GRAMS.

It seems more people pay attention to me on jammie263, while people whisper and laugh behind my back on my storage accounts.

I find this very unfair and cruel, and I can't believe bullying is catching on Animal Jam too.

I hope none of you guys would think differently of me if I were just a regular jammer (which I am).

I am no different from anyone else, just that I'm more hyper, crazy, and that I am a math and writing lover.

I believe a lot of you guys understand what I mean.

Have a fAJtastic day. :)

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  1. I still read your blog and I want to comment, i usually just dont have anough time :p
    I was looking at different blogs today/tonight and i read Ginger's blog.... so my point was.... that i still read your blog, but i dont comment. Its probably the same with some other jammers.


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