Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving with a New animal?

Hello Jammers! Jammie263 here!

Happy Feast Of Thanks!! ^^

First off, the big skull is back! It is 400 gems, members only. 

Now.. onto some really cool sightings and predictions...

Remember how last time I said there may be a new animal?

There's also a new pattern spotted! It seems the pattern doesn't show up on any animals, although does have glitches on rhinos:

Haha, they look so funny, as if they are airplanes! Say.. do you think Animal Jam will make something so that animals wear it and they can camouflage? Sorry for the randomness..

Picture credit to DragonFire from Snowyclaw's blog.

It seems this game, River Race has disappeared! Do you think it will return?

It is not at the Sol Arcade either! I'm hoping just for the winter, because I really love that game. ^^ The ice was probably stopping the game from having good business.

Bow and Arrows are one of the many items that are now considered 'rare' items!

Have a happy Feast of Thanks! C:

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  1. With the new animal, it looks like a snow leopard. And in the save big cats packet they show the animal. It may be a new animal for like the gift cards like the lion and artic wolf


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