Friday, November 16, 2012

Golden Dragon Mask

Heellllooo Jammerzzzz!! ^^ Sorry, Just had to do that! You can probably already tell it's me, from the fact that I am basically the only one operating this blog now.

At Epic Wonders, there is a new 'golden' item! Just saying, not getting the idea still. I mean, a gold dragon mask? Not the best choice.. little hint? TOO HEAVY.

3,000 gems for a golden dragon mask is a pretty good deal though.. especially if it were one in real life!

It is Members Only, meaning if you are a non member you will have to pay extra to get this (buy membership).

Everybody has to at some point if they want to buy these items, right?

This isn't typically about GOLDEN dragons, but I found out some really cool info about dragons themselves:

1.  Dragons are creatures from mythology that have magical powers.

2.  Many modern authors have used dragons in their stories.  J.R.R. Tolkien has Smaug in The Hobbit and J.K. Rowling intorduces dragons that challenge the characters in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

3.  Dragons are snake or reptile-like creatures that are gigantic and powerful.

4.  They can usually fly and breathe fire or ice.
 5.  They fly using large wings and their bodies are covered with scales, as is their long tales.

6.  Many dragons have red, slanted eyes.
 7.  They can be fierce or they can be kind and helpful.

8.  Depending on the culture, dragons can posses many different kinds of powers.
 9.  Dragons are very popular in China. The phoenix is a dragon that has five claws and was a symbol for the emperors in China.

10. The Latin word draco, as in the constellation Draco, comes directly from Greek drakones. The Dragon is sometimes known by the Nordic word, ormr (Old English wyrm means serpent — draca means dragon).

Yes, I know as always the facts I find are.. AWESOME! x3 Not to brag. .___. Want to find the site? (Click here!)

Well, that's it so have a great day everyone!

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