Friday, November 9, 2012

Fruit Bowl

Hello Jammers! Jammie263 here!

Seems that there is basically only 1 JAMMER now.

Which is me. *sigh* Sorry guys, nobody even likes this blog or comments on it.

Oh well, I should really get a life and stop posting updates, way too late or not.

So yeah, quick update, not going to say much.

Yup, fruit bowl is back. Did you like the fruit bowl? I did personally, and I don't feel affected by the fact that it came back, since I don't care about it's rarity only about how I can munch on as many fruits from it as I want because they will keep coming back. x3

Anyhow, its 150 gems which if that was $150 would be way to expensive, but if you think about it..

unlimited fruits including grapes, oranges, apples, pineapple, AND decoration

sounds pretty reasonable to me! :P

It is for everyone, just like before meaning you don't have to worry about buying membership before getting it. :')

So yeah, see you guys later!


  1. I love this blogs! Please never stop it!

  2. No one likes this blog, you say?

    You have LOADS of fans who some of which, are a little scared to comment. (True fact.)

    I read your blog every single day, and I barely comment.
    ...Sorry 'bout that. ^^;


  3. Well I still read it so your not alone. :)

  4. I read your blog. And love it!

  5. Ok, first of all... i still read your blog everyday, and wait for a new post to come out.
    Secondly, i am glad the fruit bowl came back so that all jammers can have some of that delectible fruit.

  6. Aww.. thanks you guys! <3 Don't worry, I won't quit this blog now! ;)

  7. Good ^3^ I hope you always remember that! But remember no matter what I'll always have your back! ;)

  8. :) So glad you didn't quit I just CANT comment much. This blog to me, is like an open book. If I need to know something, its right there!!!

    ^-^ funplay1 :DD and so the side talk returns!


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