Monday, November 5, 2012

Eek sorry about that guys!

Hello Jammers! Jammie263 here!

Sorry about that.. I posted what happened to me today here instead of my life blog. xP

Like I had thought though, this blog is now up to 17,000 views! I'm so happy yeah okay sorry for that 'outlaw' word as in school they say it. I'm just going to say... proud..?

I can't believe it, we are so close to 20,000 views, meaning there will be a huge party soon! I'm hoping you guys will be able to come, but we still need at least 2,000 more views before I can announce the date and everything! 

(I will try to find a time that fits everybody later on too)

Anyways, onto the rare monday item!

It is 850 gems! The Rare Steampunk goggles may become a big hit, but the 'un-rare' as you'd say it ones are not really.

Do you think many will like them? Do YOU yourself love them or think they are so-so?

Anyways, members only guys, sorry. D:

Short post, if you'd like a longer one go to my life blog. x3

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