Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sunglasses and Snow Leopards


thebeatles0042/XxSilverMockingJayxX here!

Again, jammie263 is a bit busy, she has skating practice, a swim meet, and a bit too much homework again....
So I'm taking her place (again) for her!

Well anyways the subject to day on sale are... sunglasses!

Sadly they're for members only. They look pretty different, and did some of you recognize that AJ is starting to make there Jam Mart Clothing for human-like?
You can buy them at Jam Mart Clothing for only 325 gems!

Now it's the snow leopards. 
The AJHQ posted something about the new animal of the Snow Leopard:

.You can buy a code for the snow leopard. And long with buying it, a 3-month fee of membership

Sadly they're for members only, plus if you want to buy one (only in the U.S) I figured that you can also buy it at Target for only $15.95 in U.S dollars

Another picture on the Jamaa Journal, it was the heading....

Again, extra credit to snowyclaw and to the jammer who showed snowy the picture!

Did you recently notice that most of the new animal codes are for members only? Seems pretty unfair.
So yup, that's my post. If jammie263 is reading this you are welcome to edit it! :)

Jam On Jammers!

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  1. AHHHH... I FEEL LIKE THE WHOLE SKY IS FINALLY OFF MY SHOULDERS! (from Percy Jackson and the Last Olympians). *stretches* No need, it's great how it is. ^^


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