Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Safe- Sunken Treasures

thebeatles0042/ XxSilverMockingJayxX here!

Okay so I decided to take place for jammie263 since she has a bit too much homework.
So the object today is...

 A safe, for only 450 gems, very cheap price but nice look. You can buy them at the Sunken Treasures!
Sadly they're for members only.

Plus the AJHQ has posted something about penguin plushies:

I like the penguin with the top hat and bow tie.

And plus, if wondering how to get the Snow Leopard, the AJHQ sent out some kind of email to explain it...
It's only available at WalMart in the U.S.A it's not international sadly...

All these pictures is an extra credit to snowyclaw, and whoever she got the images from, extra credit to them too :)

I didn't play AJ to get these news. I got it from Snowyclaw's, again, thanks snow.
Anyways, I'm not SO experienced posting about the AJ news, this is the first time in at least 1-2 months I've been posting about the latest on AJ. So to jammie263, if I made ANY problems, you are welcome to edit!
Signing off!
(Or as my old way of signing off)

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