Sunday, December 23, 2012

Gingerbread Garden - 23,000 Views!

Hello Jammers! Jammie263 here! 

Today's gift is the Snowman Family!

 Also a returning gift from last year! They look so happy together! :3

Wow, this Gingerbread Garden looks so yummy! I want to gobble it up! Definitely a favorite. ^^

Credit to Snowyclaw's blog! I did not buy one.. sadly. Just to show everyone what the wolf plushies look like. :)

Also something from Snowyclaw's blog! A glitch for the Snow Leopard. Do you see the red earmuffs? It's black on the Snow Leopard. I'm so glad there's more glitches again!

I was just watching this video from Omnipotence I used to watch a long time ago when I was obsessed with Animal Jam. It gives me a lot of memories, and I literally cried. I can't believe I started playing Animal Jam two years ago, and that I haven't watched the video for almost a year!

Take a look:

Sorry if the video doesn't work.. you can go onto Youtube to watch if it doesn't. ^^

See you in Jamaa!

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