Sunday, December 2, 2012

Wreath - 21,000 Views

Hello Jammers! Jammie263 here!

Did you notice Vera's new post? I must admit, I half quit AJ. I sometimes go on though, just to get pictures for this blog or to re-unite with my friends.

I totally forgot about the party, so if any of you guys showed up, so sorry. I just got so busy, and my mom wanted to watch a movie with me. By the time I remember, it was already 10:30 PM. 

I had a feeling I shouldn't have watched, but I couldn't remember. D:

Do you think these parties are a good idea? I know everybody does them, but maybe I should just give a thank you note every thousand views? Anyway, this blog has already gone to 21,000 views. Outrageous? Definitely! xD

Today's gift is 300 gems! Eek, I should probably go online today! 300 gems could be useful, even if it isn't as good as the patch of lollipops!

The wreath is 150 gems! It's non member too. It's just like last year, although for some reason I feel like there's an invisible neck in between it, and the wreath is squeezing it. Yes, I have weird thoughts like that.

Well, that's it! See you in Jamaa, if I ever do come on! 


  1. lol, yesterday night i was on my DSiXL in my sleeping bag, at like, 9:40 on this blog. I read this post and (tried) to make a comment :P


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