Friday, December 7, 2012

The Season Feels Great!

Hey Jammers! Jammie263 here!

Heading straight to the updates:

New art has been posted!

The candle has come out, for 100 gems! It's members only, and is being sold at Jam Mart Furniture. ^^

Picture Credit to Snowyclaw

Wow.. Liza looks like a figurine,. She doesn't seem to fit in, don't you think? What do you think of the new 3-D looks? 

The new Jamaaliday gift:

Another returning item! I just wish Animal Jam would come up with more cool new gifts like the Patch of Lolipops. c:

Many people have noticed that you can now use the arrow keys to move around Jamaa! This is a great new feature and is to my convenience. How about you?

I noticed this in the Lost Temple of Zios, and it got me thinking..

Would you just love a "Pathway of Mints"? Or however they'd call it.. anyway I got the idea from the "Patch of Lolipops", so do you think we'll be getting them as a gift soon? Comment below!

Also, there's a new follower! Just a  quick little thank you note to everyone, this blog now has 45 followers! Their user is "Encourage One Another". I really like it, it's very meaningful, don't you think? Give yourselves a round of applause, if you follow this blog, once in a while view it, or can't follow, I appreciate you all. c: 

Thanks again to Vera for posting yesterday's news, I may have to put Vera on Thursday posts all the time, I'm extremely busy on that day, and luckily Vera's schedule isn't packed as much for it. Tell me if that's okay with you, Vera! 


  1. I like the keyboard picture!!
    And i think it would be great for vera to post on thursdays!

  2. Hiya Jammie263!
    do you think that sometime we can uh meet each other?
    i dont really comment a lot on this blog but i comment a lot on Jammie263 life as you probaly noticed
    anyway my user name is lexie1234
    so yea...
    thanks for reading and i hope that i can meet u someday!

  3. I'd like to meet or interview anyone even jammie623 ^^ or even Snowyclaw XD im not afriad of the flames, just like meh the tough charlotte >:D P.s I love this song, it express whut i'd be like ^^


Please be kind to one another. :)

See you in Jamaa,

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