Monday, December 24, 2012

Winter Coats, Bows and Arrows, and More!

Hello Jammers! Jammie263 here!

An early post! I'm so proud of myself!

(A few months ago this would be saying "Sorry for the late post!")

Anyways, today's gift are...


Credit to Animal Jam Wild, my computer was lagging and only showed the light. xD

Although this is the color bow and arrow I got. :P

Anyway, credit to Snowyclaw for the pictures of all the Bows and Arrows she's seen around Jamaa!

I noticed that there are a lot similar to last year! They don't have the blue one though... maybe that's the one Snowyclaw hasn't yet seen? (I'd assume there were 8 different colors)

Tell me if you spot someone with one! If you do spot a different colored bow that wasn't from last year,  send me an email with an attachment of the bow! (like this, not on someone but in a trades or inventory place)


A new coat is in! It's a rare coat! Oh right, I almost forgot, it's RIM! xD And Christmas Eve!! :D

Also, look at that! I never noticed a pathway of mints— I mean Peppermint pathway there! It doesn't exactly fit in... it's not even cold in Coral Canyons! :P

You know how before you could use the arrows to change a letter you wrote wrong or something like that? Well, now you can't! Because Animal Jam has made the arrow keys a way to move your avatar, it only moves your avatar! That means that if you have to delete everything you wrote until you get to your mistake! 

That's how it was for jam a grams, and I haven't even gotten used to that yet! Oh what oh what am I going to do? :c

See? Sorry you can't see the place where I was typing, but when I clicked the arrow going < then it only moved my avatar! I'd better type more slowly! 

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