Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thanks for the feedback! c:

Hello Jammers! Jammie263 here! Thanks for all the feedback. I wasn't able to reply to all of them yet, but I'm getting there! Many of you guys had great ideas to work things out. ;) I'll take them all into consideration.

Now, onto today's gift....

The Winter Window! I'm still so proud about my prediction. xD Another returning item here I see. I hope they aren't going to make this one for sale too.... 

Sir Gilbert is the new Alpha Spotlight! Definitely should of been one of the first, agree? The picture to the left looks so amazing! Click to enlarge the images! ^^

What they say about Sir Gilbert is one of my favorite they've written before. Very hilarious. He is just like I imagined, just that I never thought he pinned animals to the ground just to know what their fur felt like in the rain. xD

If only I had one of those nails in my chimney... moving on! A great addition to Animal Jam's variety of holiday items, don't you agree? Sadly, it's members only, but I guess that makes sense. It's 400 gems too, meaning you could buy two if you had saved those 800 gems Animal Jam gifted us a while ago. 

The Reindeer Mask is back too! Much less expensive, only 150 gems! Personally, this is one of my favorite holiday items. Why? I love those lights, and it just reminds me of all those festive songs like "Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer". Members only also, the same as last year. I do recall buying quite a few of these in late 2011. xD

I thought the Jamaalidays were here a long time ago. :P love the front photo of those foxes! Possibly a sign that foxes will be for all players? What do you think?

 Wow, this year is nearly over! It will take my a while to get used to writing "/13" at the top of my homework pages. Pet Reindeers are back! I remember these from last year! One of my favorite pets, although pet foxes and bunnies are still ahead. ;)

Open Sea Cam? I wonder what that means.. haven't checked it out myself yet! Does it show live footage or footage that was taped? Sounds exciting either way!

 A new calender! Sadly, they never give you any hints, and instead show random new updates you already know about. 

The calender talks about this time's "Gems x2". At least you don't have to go to every game on AJ to find it! The one helpful thing about it... although Snowyclaw already gave it away.... xD

A new wallpaper! Although they give you instructions, I still don't know how to get this to be my wallpaper. >.< It's beautiful.... although all of the wallpapers AJ has created so far are all amazing. 

That's it, so see you in Jamaa! ^-^

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  1. I wonder when animal jam will come out with real shaman quests and all that


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