Thursday, December 13, 2012

Samurai and Seasonal Trees

Hello Jammers! Jammie263 here!

Just doing last minute homework, same thing with this post. xD

Comment if you have a lot of HW. Just kidding, that's not needed.

Anyway, the Golden Samurai Helmet is at Epic Wonders!

Hmmm.. what's that weird picture at the bottom of that...? I got this from another blog, so if anyone could tell me if that's in the real stores because I rarely go on AJ and when I do I don't even go to stores. :P

Speaking of which...

I returned to Animal Jam today! I saw this homepage a few days ago from another blog, but forgot to add it in the daily post! xD This is my personal picture this time. Anyone notice Liza's holding a camera? Isn't that bunny holding the sign just adorable?! ^3^

I meet up with ilovebears11 again! Hello everyone! I think I already said hello.. oh well! :D

The Bag Of Gifts is back! Wow... I thought last year this item came out on Christmas. I remember that I was somewhere else and when I came back I started trying to collect a ton. xD Good memories.. when I actually was eager to go on AJ to get ITEMS. 

(credit to snowyclaw)
Supposedly the seasonal tree in Epic Wonders has changed to a Jamaaliday versioN! These look cool, don't 'cha think? I need to get one... sometime...

(credit to snowycaw)
There's new art! Wow.. that rhino looks awesome! Whoever drew that, great job!

(other computer no working.. no signature for now)


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