Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Quitting... this blog?

Hello Jammers! Jammie263 here!

First off, I have some bad news for you guys. I think I've decided to quit this blog. It's too much for me, and everyone's getting upset because I can't reply to comments, and I always post really late. There are just so many people out there who count on me, and it's just too much. I'm not really sure about everything, and I feel like maybe stopping this blog will make everyone happier. I haven't even been updating my story lately, and only a few people even read it. I may keep that up I guess, but everything else will probably go down.

I've been grasping on to this, and I'm seriously confused how Lovelost, Gingerpawz, Snowyclaw, and other famous bloggers were able to blog for so long. They must be having a great time on Animal Jam. I barely even go on Animal Jam, so I don't see the point of just copying off other blogs about the daily news and all. Anyone feeling the same way? 

It's just so overwhelming! Do you think I should just give this blog up to a different person, such as someone who will keep posting and knows how to use blogger? This blog introduced me to a lot more, and I feel bad letting it go. I've been thinking about this for a few months now, and it's really hard for me to concentrate on anything these days. I'm still getting A's, but I feel that I'm wandering off all the time in my thoughts. 

If any of you guys agree or disagree, comment below and I will hopefully be able to reply to a few. :)

Now, onto the daily news:

Marshmallow chair! This looks cool, but I feel like the sitting part is a medicine tablet and the back is a candy door. xD It's probably just me.

Wow! I thought this was a gift from last year, or was I wrong? I guess they are selling these now, which is kind of disappointing. Oh well! 300 gems, but I'm happy that they didn't change this item to members only! ^^

That's it! Remember to comment below with your opinion about giving up on this blog! ;)


  1. A blog is supposed to be something to like posting on. If you feel stressed about it you can quit if you want. It's not like a job or anything.
    I hope you keep posting, I really like reading it.

    You don't have to write entries on it daily, you know. ^_^


    1. I know it's not a job, but this blog has so much memories. I feel like I will regret quitting this blog. It gives me memories of Animal Jam, my buddies, my computer life. It's the one I actually am successful on, the one that has people who are really interested.

      I appreciate you writing your opinion here. c:

      P.S. Wait.. what do you mean? LIke I write one once a week with all the new items and gifts? I'm not sure it will be helpful.. that's the problem. Reply? Thanks! ^^


    2. What I mean is, maybe you could post whenever you can/feel like posting.

  2. If you want to quit you can quit. I just want what's best for you. :)

  3. I feel you. I just quit my Animal Jam blog cause I couldn't keep up with it. And not many people read it. I could help you post, you know. Whatever your choice is, I respect you for making it. ;)

  4. you do have a lot going on in your life, and maybe don't delete this blog, but take a break, take a couple weeks off. You know there are so many AJ blogs out there, so if you have to quit one, don't quit your Jammie's Life blog! THere is only ONE of those in the whole Bloggosphere!! But don't stress yourself out, that's how you get sick!

  5. @ katara811, Eightberry2, and Tiggerkat

    Thank you for all the responses guys. <3 I really appreciate it.

    @ katara811

    Yeah... it's just so hard to know what's best.

    @ Eightberry2

    I appreciate the offer, but no thanks. I doubt I'll be giving this blog to anyone... it just seems like I'm selling it which just sounds.... 'cheap' I guess could be the word. Yeah, it's really hard to keep up with all of Animal Jam's updates. Sometimes I wish AJ just made their updates every other Thursday like before. (even further back I believe it was Wednesday... I forgot. x3)

    @ Tiggerkat

    That's a great idea! I'm just not sure I'll come here ever again if I do that. xD Don't worry, my life blog is more special to me and it's where I get everything out. I enjoy posting.

  6. Please don't quit! I sometimes do have to wait awhile to get your posts, but I enjoy reading your stories, and how in the WORLD do you get your blog this popular?! I think that if you quit, it would make some jammers fairly sad. But truthfully, last year I nearly quit because I was getting really bad grades and was being bullied on AJ. I totally understand how you feel, and I wish you your best luck in life if you delete this blog, but I feel like it's my only way of talking to you. You never get on AJ as much, so I really feel like this is the best way to keep freindships. Agree?

    BTW Lol, that was a gift THIS year too!!! XDXDXDXD What a rip off! I mean, we got that as a gift!

  7. Don't quit. Even though that its a lot to handle, you could give it a break, get another author or just post when u want to you don't have to post every day. A few times I thought about quitting but u never did. I just decided to not do it everyday. So maybe u could do that.

    1. DONT QUIT! I agree with Lexie1234!

      papad91278 the 4th news crew member


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