Saturday, December 8, 2012

Reindeer Poop & Three horned Armor

Hi Jammers! Jammie263 here! ^-^

Today's free gift from Animal Jam is....

Another returning gift, I wish they'd make the pathway of mints like I mentioned in yesterday's post. 

Now, onto the new daily items! 

The first item is Reindeer Poop. It's a returning item from last year, and as much as it is kind of disgusting, I find it cool. xD Mainly I like the fly... although in real life flies are one of my pet peeves. The 'smell' showed actually can be used to show heat, if you put them all together. I would put it underneath that huge plate of desserts and have it under the pie to make it look like it's steaming hot.


The Three horned armor is now in stores! It looks very aggressive, and I'd assume especially on rhinos. Or crocodiles...

It is 1,500 gems, which is pretty expensive. Argh, I was hoping to buy every single color. I think I'd go bankrupt if I did.

Wow, these wolf plushies look awesome! If only I was aloud to buy them....

Well, that's it. See you in Jamaa!

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  1. Cool! I will be sure to put THAT on my Christmas list! Just a fox plushie though. That one looks kind of depressed or annoyed. Just look at the eyes D: Sad. Maybe its not based on the plushies, more like the real animal in the plushies posture? Still, I bought the armor. It kind of looks cool :D. And yes, that would be cool with the pie, but nit would look rotton with the flys flying around it XD


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