Sunday, December 9, 2012

Jamaaliday Bow

Hello Jammers! Jammie263 here! ^^

Today's gift is 500 gems! I was really hoping for that pathway of mints.. anyway:

The Jamaaliday bow is back! I abosolutely love this item, and it's rarity has gone up over the year. I don't really care much about how much people think of for it's worth, so I don't mind it coming back. That just means more jammers can easily be able to wear this item! Sadly, it's members only though. :c

I'd just like to make a point here, if non members get the same benefits as members or only a little less, more people won't buy membership. This will cause Animal Jam to earn NO money, probably making the game disappear. A lot of jammers have been complaining about non members and members' differences. I'm not trying to side with any group, but wouldn't you rather had SOME benefits rather that none of anyone? I feel like Animal Jam has been pretty generous lately, but many jammers have  been becoming more and more greedy. 

I have been noticing way less members lately, and I'm worried Animal Jam may have to stop if so many jammers keep contacting Animal Jam about the Jamaasian movement and more. I do know how you guys feel, for when I'm a nom member I feel I have less dignity sometimes, but really this is just your thoughts. Each and every jammer treats members and non members the same, unless they are a bad jammer, like scammers, hackers, etc.. It shouldn't matter what others think. This fits very well for the Autumn season, and we should all be thankful for what we have already been given

I hope you guys understand what I mean, and that you aren't upset or offended.

See you in Jamaa!


  1. Hi,

    I totally agree with what you are saying. Although, I have mostly been a member.When I first joined there were a ton of members! But that was 2 years ago... Really quickly there are less members. So I think it is a good idea to do the become a member get a animal cards. As you said I really hope no one is offended by this comment.

    Thanks, Wolfgirlgo

  2. Dear Jammie,
    I am XxFieryWolfxX
    On behalf of the AJE (The Animal Jam Effect) authors... We would love to have you join our community AJ blog. All our authors are admins. We hope you consider this invitation.

    The AJE Crew

  3. Hey Jammie,
    I am Sealgirl72250
    I was hoping u could gift me a jamaaliday bow it would make my nerd look amazing
    ~Sealgirl aka kitty

  4. I'm trying to get a GOOD look on my arctic wolf ( the pink and red one)and I rlly want a red worn or a red jamaaliday bow for my arctic wolf, if u have a unwanted jamaaliday bow (or worn) PLZ gift me it if ur nice enough too. I just want a actually good look for my arctic wolf. My username is glitterheart123 I could also trade if u like anything that I have, I might trade u it. thx i'm trying hard to be rare/beta Rotfl. buddy me if u like :3 ~ Glitterheart123

  5. Hello. I am pretty sure I have come to this website before and it's a very good one. Although your words make sense, and many people agree I still need some help. It's 2016 and during jamaaliday I'm pretty sure that the bows were not sold. I traded a pretty good amount for the bow I have. A friend of mine, (I will say the user, just in case anyone wants to trade her c;) lynxfire28 she is the best buddy ever. She is so kind and has been trying to get her paws on a different colored jamaaliday bow like the one I have (black) she tried to trade me her yellow bow and a rare set of bow and arrows, she even tried to trade her beta elf helmet (the one with the pink gem) I really like my bow, and I have no idea what it's worth! I really need some help and I don't want to hurt her feelings she is so nice. Maybe someone could help me out.. Or maybe trade her a black jamaaliday bow! Someone please help this she is so nice and I really need your assistance. Thank you. You can buddy me as well if you want to :3 I would appreciate it!

    1. no offense, but the one with the pink gem isn't beta. The one with the blue gem is.

  6. How rare is this?

  7. I want to know what its worth I traded for one and I think I traded a under trade. items I traded:a masterpiece, a beta basket ball ,and last but but least a jamaaday scarf


Please be kind to one another. :)

See you in Jamaa,

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