Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas!

Hello Jammers! Jammie263 here!

Today's gift is 1000 gems! Like I promised, I went online today! I wished all my buddies a  Merry Christmas who were online! ^^

Today's daily item is the Jamaaliday Necklace in Bahari Bargains! They are 350 gems, and members only.

The new epic den of the week! Hm.// if only that were my underground den. xD

Hey, don't you say, short post today, huh?


  1. Merry Christmas!!! Wish I could've seen you while you were on!

  2. Remember that talk we had at your den? What great fun! BTW, I'm on my new computer! It's a Windows 8! I wish that was my underground den too D: iwsh Type that in on comments people! It does SPELL CHECK! OMG YAY! XD

  3. BTW, I lost my tooth yesterday on Christmas! I also lost a canine on Thanksgiving! So the top canines are holiday canines! YAY!

  4. HO HO! Merry 2 days after Christmas!


Please be kind to one another. :)

See you in Jamaa,

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