Friday, December 14, 2012

Ice Ponds and Candy Cane Crowns

Hello Jammers! Jammie263 here!

First off, the daily gift!

The frozen pond! Last year I saw a lot of people making ice rinks out of these. What about this year? ^^ I still think they look like a piece of tin foil...

The Candy Cane crown is back! It's 400 gems, and personally one of my favorite underwater non member items! How about you?

Doomypanda made this discovery, I claim no credit for the pictures. 

A non member fox may be something Animal Jam is planning to do...

Also, remember when AJ announced that all glitches were fixed? (I was upset about that.. D:) It seems handsomebravenight was still able to do the Coral Canyons glitch. Is this one of the few glitches that still work?

I'm pretty sure AJ won't be making glitches come back.. why would they want those, even if we love them? xD


  1. I noticed that a while back but I was too lazy to post about it XD

  2. They didnt dissapear. They just made them harder!

    papad91278 the 4th news crew member

  3. i know that fox and no its not a nonmember fox glitch. when your membership runs out and your still a member animal like a fox it will let you stay like that with only non member clothes until you log in the next time :3
    and about that glitch, no it is not one that still works. if you do any of the old glitches then press the switch animal button while still in he glitch it makes you stay in the glitch.
    *note* once your in the glitch you can't move around or you will come out of the glitch
    hope this helped you :D
    ~ emmdog


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