Monday, December 31, 2012

GAHHHH so sorry!!

Hello Jammers! Jammie263 here!

Sorry for not posting for TWO DAYS!

I got so caught up on Chicken Smoothie.. Dx

Anyway, for the 29th, we have the ice prison:

It's 400 gems, and members only. I'm not so sure that will keep anything locked in...

For the 30th, we have the pile or snowballs! Another returning item! The stack looks like a pyramid although it has four sides.. well I think it does. xD

Now, onto today's post! Yeah yeah, pretty early but there's no point in waiting (and probably forgetting)!

The Rare Snow Shoes are 750 gems, and are the rare monday item today. I can't believe it's New Years Eve! SQUEEE!!!

Anyway, on Chicken Smoothie it says it's already 2013.. they have a different time. O_O 

Well, see you in Jamaa!


  1. Oh an Jammie! I got a Chicken Smoothie account! My user is birdie2424 !

  2. happy new years eve and its ok that u didnt post

  3. Oh and have you chosen the new buddy of the year? I wonder who it will be!

  4. Oh and I added you as a buddy on Chicken Smoothie! You have so many pets! I only have like 10... Anyways my user is birdie2424

  5. HAPPY NEWW YEARS!!!!!! throws confetti in the air


Please be kind to one another. :)

See you in Jamaa,

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