Monday, July 23, 2012

AJHQ's meanings?

Hey jammers! So this whole thing about how the "RIM the Rare Epic Dragon Mask, was really expensive and how other rare items on monday were also pretty expensive" thing made me think.

What does AJHQ want us to know??

Does AJHQ want to tell us to quit AJ?


Does AJHQ want to tell us to ask other jammers for items?

No. O.O

Does AJHQ want to tell us to recycle all our items and get gems that way to buy items?

I don't think so... 0.-

Does AJHQ want us to earn gems by playing games?

Yes! :)

So....? You know how Lovelost was saying how she needed to talk to AJHQ about the high prices?

Well I think, AJ is doing that on PURPOSE. 

Here are 3 clues:

1. AJ added a new game, that helps you earn quite a bit of gems.

Click to Enlarge

2. AJ did about Gem Donations. If jammers donate another 50 million gems, we will get monkeys back! This, to some jammers, would be a motivation to earn more gems and donate them!

3. AJHQ had made the store, "Epic Wonders" shop a while ago, right? 
Well, all the items there are a ton of gems, which I'm guessing they did because they wanted people to earn gems by playing games!

There was also a new message I got from AJHQ!

:D I guess they updated the blog! (checking...)

Yup, they did!


Please be kind to one another. :)

See you in Jamaa,

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