Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Updates and more!

Hey jammers! I saw some cool jammers playing Falling Phantoms that had items that don't exist! (if you are going to retake my pictures and post them on your blog, please give me credit)

First of all though, pikachu333 seems to have a glitch on her!! Sometimes, when I see her on, she's offline!! Take a look!

The same jammer....

This lion is wearing purple mech angel wings! I thought that item was coming out later!!

This monkey has a monkey looking necklace, similar to the heart locket but a bit different! You might be able to tell the difference by looking at me on the left with a heart locket.

I also so many people with freedom wings... which surprises me because I thought not THAT many people had freedom wings! Here is 2 jammers


And onto the news!!! I won't say much about each, BTW.

FOXES CAME OUT!! :) More on that subject....

They cost 1000 gems, like all other animals. This is what they look like when you first get them.

When they dance, they look like this.

When they sleep, their tail goes in the front.

When they hop, they... hop. 0.-

When they play, they dig a hole, go in it, and dig a tunnel underneath and get out from another hole.

There is a new card!!

There are 4 new stamps! Quite a bit in 1 update! XD

My own? :P

Cool, settings! More on that topic...

This is MY settings! I'm surprised... I didn't know I had 999 days left!! XD I thought I only had like 100 something days left!! Well, as long as that's true, I'm happy! :P

50,000,000 gems?!?! Wow... I only donated 100 gems. 0.-
I can't wait for monkeys to come out!! START DONATING PEOPLE!! FOR THE MONKEYS!! :P

This thing again, they had it on the news last week!

This again, was on last week, nothing to say!

New mailbox, I must say, I like it! (Jam mart Furniture page 1 for 350 gems)

New game you can buy!! JAMAA DERBY!

I took a picture of what Goofy8966 noticed! Interesting... I hope AJHQ is listening! :D

New carnival items!! :)



Yes! Finally I'm done!! :P


  1. Those plushies are cute!
    - Eightberry2

  2. Lol Ikr! They are just really expensive..


  3. nice posting. thanks for sharing

  4. In Animal Jam my user is arcticwolf999:) See my blog,you maybe like it?:)


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