Sunday, July 22, 2012

"I'm Going to Succeed or Die" Song by Jammie263 (AJ pics)

Hey jammers! This is the song I made up, and I can't post the tune... so just make up your own! Please no mean comments, I know it's really bad. :(

"Am I Going to Succeed Or Die" by Jammie263 (AJ pics)

How come nobody loves me? How come nobody wants me?

I got no friends, friends, friends…

It's like dodging the phantoms, going towards me.

How come nobody loves me? How come nobody wants me?

I want to have somebody that I can count on.
To look at and think of as myself in a mirror…

How come everyone hates me? How come nobody wants me!?

All I got to do to win is break through this ice!

I want some friends, friends, friends. Is this too much to ask??
Don’t you understand, stand, stand? I got to live...

People look at me like a huge phantom, strollin’ around…
Why? Why does everybody hate me? Why does everyone think of me, as a pest....? 

I know that some day I’m going to melt down this ice! 

And for once I will not be thought as nobody…

And for once I’ll look like freedom to your eyes!!

I’m going to win, all I got to do is believe I can fly!

I just want to break through this ice!

I want to be bigger than a mountain… bigger than the sea!
That way people can’t bully me!

All I need is somebody to tell me if I’m going to succeed of die!!

So... what did you think...? 
Lol, anyways, I made it up myself so no saying mean things! :P


  1. that is beautiful!!!!!!!! but sad.....but then a hopeful ending

    1. This isn't me in real life, I don't get bullied. 0.- It's just me talking from a bullied persons point of view. And thanks, it's sad... i know. And btw, I think I'm gonna make me succeed... wait I'm going to edit this post again.

    2. glad that's not you in real life, I wish no one ever felt that way!!

    3. Ya, me too, but I agree, it's sad some people feel that way...

  2. Awesome song! I am a song writer too and I thought this was amazing! Bravo!
    - Eightberry2

  3. I might even make my own blog and post one of my songs I wrote! I have two I really love called "Outcast" (Which is kinda like your song here) and "Monster I am" I might do it! I have always wanted to have my own blog since I saw yours! If I ever do make it I will tell you!
    - Eightberry2

  4. :DD awesome song!

    ^-^ funplay1


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