Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wolf Fireworks and Freedom Lion Hat

Hey jammers! There are two new items at the Freedom Party! First, it the Wolf Fireworks!

They cost 600 gems each and are members only.

Next is the Freedom Lion Hat!

They cost 800 gems and are also members only! That's all the updates for today!! :P


  1. Hey Jammie263! It's me Eightberry2 again! I would like to give you a suggestion! I know of this one blogger LoveLost and she has a lot of contest! It would be cool if you could do some contest! But you will have to get prizes.....
    - Eightberry2

  2. Sorry about replying late, I wasn't able to comment back for a long time. I'm using my mom's iPhone right now but it's really slow. Anyways, thanks for suggestion. Sadly, a lot of people are very greedy and want my rarest rares. I had actually thought about doing that though!

    1. I mean thanks for "the" suggestion! Lol. Oops.


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