Monday, July 30, 2012

RIM Rare Pirate Bandana & 21/20 Members

Hello jammers. It is so hot outside! And even in my house it's pretty hot. Especially this computer. Like you noticed, I didn't put an exclamation point at the end... 'cause I was too lazy. Eightberry2 told me to post it, so I guess I'm posting the RIM after all. 

I for some reason just want to sleep, but still, thanks for the support. 

Quick heads up, I'd really would appreciate it if you guys entered Contest #2, nobody has yet, and I really don't want to take another one of my animals. I might even decide to have you meet me and get some pictures taken of you for the story.

On to the RIM, it is...

Rare Pirate Bandana! Yay...!? Ugh, so hot... no energy to type.

Also, there has been this annoying glitch on this blog. 

When I go to Blogger Home, it said I had 20 followers, but when I go to the place where it shows others, it said I had 19, and I counted, and there were 19. 

Then, I checked today, and on my Blogger Home I had 21. And I was like, yay! That means I really now have 20, my goal!! 

And then I look, and I actually have 21...?

Click "More" (I already did) and then click "Next". 

And it says you only have 20... and then there were only 20 on the front page, none of the back? Do I have 21 or 20?! Oh well, 20 was my old goal, so my new one will be 30! I'd like to thank everybody who has supported me and joined my site! :)


  1. jammie263 can you become a follower of my blog

  2. congrats on 21, no 20, no 21, or maybe its 20? or 21?

    just congrats!!!

    1. Lol, ya... it's confusing. XD Anyways, thanks!

      TEEHEE i love tiggerkat (as an awesome person)



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