Friday, July 20, 2012

New Author and Updates

Hey jammers! There is a new author on Animal Jam Bouncies!! :) Her real name is Vera, her nickname is Very, and she's my BFF in real life... the one and only,


I am still the admin. and she is now an author!! Say congrats!! :P Her blog got deleted ( and click that link to see for yourself!! 

Anyways, there is a new fox shaman statue, and a knight helmet!! 

The knight helmet costs 450 gems. I'm quite surprised it is for non members too! :) You can get yours today at Jam Mart Clothing in Jamaa!

The fox shaman statue costs 250 gems and like the foxes themselves, it is for members only. :( The store that statue shamans are sold, is deep down in the Chamber of Knowledge at the Temple of Zios. The store is called, Mystery Emporium. If you are wondering what emporium means, you don't need to go and look in a dictionary! I have it right here:

And if you can't read that.... it says:

Emporium (medieval Latin from Greek emporos = 'merchant') is a term used for a store selling a wide variety of goods, and for marketplaces or trading centres in ancient cities (see emporia (ancient Greece) and emporia (early medieval)). 

I'm quite fond of the fox shaman statue, very elegant. =_=

I love that word! :) I took a picture of that from somebody on youtube who wrote it. 0.- 

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