Monday, July 16, 2012

Rare Rhino Helmet - RIM & Fantasy Castle Glitch

Hey jammers! The RIM (Rare Item Monday) is...

Rare Rhino Helmet!! Doesn't it look so pretty? :)


I finally learned the Fantasy Castle Glitch!

Thanks to 0532chris for teaching me!

How to do the Fantasy Castle Glitch!

1. Go to...

at the bottom left corner of the fantasy castle.

2. Click some jammer's name tag on your server and have the game icon out.

3. Click the...

upper part of the falls that are right above where you should be standing.

4. Play a game from the same jammer/s name tag and cancel quickly.

5. You should end up some where around...

under the bridge to the entrance of the castle.

6. When you are there, double click the spot you go where you can't go usually.

(if you just stop after canceling, try again!)

And here are 2 places you can go when you are doing the glitch:

Lol the tree is tiny! XD

Not "Over the Rainbow" but this time "Under the Rainbow"! XP

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