Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Knight Armor and new phrase

Hello/hi/hola/'ello/I'm back/what's up jammers?!?!!? Lol, I need to find out which phrase in the beginning when I do a post I should do! Which is better, hello, hi, hola, 'ello, I'm back, or what's up jammers?! I have no idea... should I just do all of them, but no different posts? Please comment your opinion! :D

Anyways, the new item is Knight Armor!

Looks awkward... O.o, and why do all the new items look like they would fit humans? Not animals? I mean, after you buy them, you realize they fit the animals, but why in stores they have to give you the look of "this if for humans only" kind of thing? Let's go through this quick. 550 gems, members only at Jam Mart Clothing on page 1. Booya! :P Quick? Ya.. unless you are a slow reader, but THAT DOESNT COUNT! XP

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