Sunday, July 22, 2012

Wingedwolf7 - Buddy of the Week

Hey jammers! The buddy of the week is... WINGEDWOLF7!!

Wingedwolf7 is kind, nice, and always has my back! (not literally XD)

Thank you Wingedwof7 for being such a kind and caring buddy!


  1. Hey Jammie263 and Thebeatles0042 I was looking at the parties and I saw a Jamaalidays Party!! I am stocking up on gems to buy any Jamaalidays rare they might sell. I can't wait!
    - Eightberry2

    1. REALLY? There's a Jamaalidays party?? How come I never knew about that! XP

      P.S. That's cool about stocking up gems. Lol that reminds me of a stalker...

  2. Yea! I went to it and got some gumdrops, candy paws, gingerbread tree cookie, and some really cool icicles! They were rares that we could buy for a limited time and I got a lot! I wonder since they brought back Spooky Parties and now this maybe AJHQ will bring back Leap Year Parties for a limited time...
    - Eightberry2


Please be kind to one another. :)

See you in Jamaa,

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