Sunday, July 1, 2012

Buddy of the Month - Shegirl

Hey jammers! Like I said, I've decided to have Shegirl as the buddy of the month! 

She has always been there for me and comforted me (like I said) into not quitting the first time I had gotten scammed. 

She was one of my puppies out of about 5 but the other 4 deleted me and I don't know where they are anymore. She is one of my oldest friends. She is very helpful, kind, and generous. She has done small favors before I had any rares like when she became a member she bought me different colored items. 

She almost always accepted my trades and never ever got mad. o.0 I think this is the most I've ever wrote about anybody... so I'm going to stop or you people are going to get very bored. =_=

Please don't be upset if you weren't one of the people who got to be the buddy of the month, buddy of the year, or buddy of the week because you might be soon! 

Please don't try to be nice because you want to be the buddy of the week, month, or year either! Thank you! :)

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