Sunday, July 1, 2012

Polls Closed's Answers/Overall

Wow... okay I just noticed that almost all of my polls are closed. I'm most likely going to make new polls. So the answer for my favorite item was... FREEDOM BANDS!! 

Most people guessed Striped blue top. :P So 3 people got that right and it doesn't matter if you got it wrong! I don't care! Lol I was just wondering what you thought. 

And it seems that most people knew Other glitches that I hadn't named. 18 people knew other ones.

And most people thought that Animal Jam was THE BEST GAME EVER! :D Which is what I think. 

1 person thought it was really bad >:( and another thought it was not good. :(

And most people thought my blog was Outstanding :D though sadly two people thought it was Really bad >:(. 

By the way thanks a ton to those people who said Outstanding :D and thank you to those people that said Pretty good. :)

And most people wanted new clothing to come out... which is what I thought too. o.0 

And what people saw a lot on Animal Jam... was mostly Dating, (which is sad), Girls, (which is neutral), and Friends! (which is good) 

And for who liked who most, (don't be offended anybody, because it's just other people's opinions) people who were most favored were Paola1223, Sheesh4, and Kingdomofhearts2! :) Amazingly all people who were on my buddy of the weeks, or buddy of the months. o.0

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