Friday, July 20, 2012

Trade List Glitch & Settings Glitch

Hey jammers! This is a picture of today, when I was trying to put my legendary on trade!

All the legendary gloves showed us as non member bat wings. No, I don't have 12 non member bat wings. =_= 

This glitch has happened to many people, and for me.

Here is another glitch:

This picture was taken by me, on thebeatles0042's account. Later, when I went onto my account, I found it was the same for me. Maybe AJ decided that the 999 days remaining didn't make sense and took it off?

Actually, that is what AJ showed on the news! Take a look:

Maybe before was a mistake. Anyways, here is a picture of what it looked like before:

Weird right?

This post in my opinion, really doesn't deserve a 


  1. Replies
    1. Okay... thanks and you are welcome! :D

  2. Hehe I think I know on what channel's videos you get the TEEHEE from :)

    Oh and that trade glitch is pretty strange.

    1. Yeah.. ummm from my life blog about nigahiga videos?

    2. Yea....>.< i didn't know.......Nvm.......


    3. Yeah it doesn't. I only have 3 days of membership left! DX

  3. Do u have non member wings 0.0 if so tell me what for them im crazy bout them

    1. yes.. i don't really want to trade mine though sorry.

    2. I have non member bat wings and freedom wings, if you want freedom wings ill take a necklace for them scince i have 4 bat wings i'll take rare bow sarilee

  4. Great post. .
    I love the song. .What is it called?
    I mean I think it is called Somebody I used To Know but I mean who is it by?

    1. I wrote the name of the person who sings it, it's Gotye! :D


  5. How do you get a pumpkin cursor its so dang cute!!!!!!!!!


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