Sunday, July 29, 2012

Refrigerator, Shells, and Stories

Hello jammers! :) 

Interesting title eh? Many random things. O.o

Anyways, like I said, there are now Wooden Refrigerator at Jam Mart Clothing for 500 gems. Sadly, it is Members Only.

Very natural, yet let me think of the word... cartoony! There are magnet letters on it, which I don't get, because it's wooden, meaning it should be magnetic right? Maybe there is supposed to be tape underneath. I might actually buy this item, it's pretty cool!

The next item is... like I said Sandy Shells at Sunken Treasures for 400 gems and remember, you must have an underwater den to buy this item! 

I don't get why AJHQ makes the items all member... they could make them all non members because only members would be able to buy them anyways, right?

Eh... haven't bought underwater den items in a long time, I don't remember if they say you can't buy them or they just give you a heads up.

And last but not least, I made a new page called The Phantom's Secret and I recommend checking it out! "Click this huge link below to go to it:"


  1. Yea know Jammie263 & Thebeatles0042 I bought those sandy shells and they are TINY!!!!!! I expected them to be much bigger. And AJ is making soo many member items cause they want more members (really more money...) Tho I bet you already knew that :)

    1. Lol, ya I saw them at your underwater den.. they are so small! I was thinking of buying one, but when I saw them, I was like NU-UH THIS GIRL AIN'T BUYING THOSE! XD Lol. And yes, I do know AJ wants more money, but I understand... kinda. I entered the poll saying they treat non members at around 6. -.- What did you do? 5, I'm guessing? :P

      TEEHEE 'cause I luv ya (as an fAJtastic buddy)



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