Friday, July 27, 2012

Contest 1 - Cream Glove

'Ello jammers! :) Like I said in the last post, I'm having a contest!! Awesome? YES! So the contest winner will get a 

cream glove! 

Sorry that it isn't a big prize like Lovelost's I don't have as many rares as her!

And, please be happy and don't be ungrateful because I won't make anymore contests if people are unhappy because they want something like my top. Not happening. JUST BE GRATEFUL! Not like you're paying to enter... O.o

This contest will show 5 pictures of places on Animal Jam! You will tell me on the comments, each one's place about such as:

At coral canyons, in the art studio at the top left corner of the studio! 

Something like that. Please don't say something like:

I think it's around the thingy next to those pots hanging somewhere around there... i think.

Just be specific! :) 

Everybody gets to have 1 entry, and if you want to correct you're answers, make sure you check before commenting! 

Here go the questions:






Good luck on the contest! And I am not giving hints. >:D Hehe, no swindling this girl! :P


  1. I'll enter soon but I can't get to the computer right away to be sure, soooo I'll enter later.;)

  2. Okay I got them all! Here I go!
    1. In the bottom leaf corner in The Flag Shop in Saperia Forest
    2. In the left corner on the second floor of The Chamber of Knowledge in The Temple of Zios
    3. The very left (in the doorway) in Captain Melville's Juice Hut in Crystal Sands
    4. To the left side on the first floor of The Chamber of Knowledge in The Temple of Zios
    5. Bottom right corner in The Flag Shop in Sarepia Forest
    Okay I'm done! Sorry if i misspelled anything. So... yea...
    Jam On!

    1. Sorry I can't tell you if you are right yet, I'm going to see if I can find more people who will comment... and what do you mean by leaf corner? :P

  3. Opps I meant left when I said leaf on 1. and okay ;)

  4. ok
    1: is in flag shop top left corner in the bottom
    2:bottom in the left corner in chamber of knowledge
    3:in the door of captain melville's juice hut
    4:first floor of chamber of knowledge close to that book you can read thats about FROGS
    5:bottom right in flag shop
    k i'm done my username is charliekitty


Please be kind to one another. :)

See you in Jamaa,

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