Sunday, July 22, 2012

Golden Wings and Epic wonders Glitch

Hey jammers! Yes, you heard it, GOLDEN WINGS...

at epic wonders!! For 3,000 gems, you can get wings made out of gold! .-. I wish in real life it was that cheap for gold wings! *-*

Yes I learned the Epic Wonders glitch by myself! >:U Yes, I know, a ton of people already know it, but nobody ever told me how. And I was just randomly trying, and I did it! Yes, I, jammie263, found out one of the only glitches I didn't know yet!! Sadly, I don't know the Coral Canyons ones anymore because the old way doesn't work anymore. I heard many people saying that if you blog about it, it doesn't work anymore, but everybody should know these glitches! 

Here is how:

1.  Stand there.

2. Click somebody's name and get the game icon out.

3. Click this part of the falls.

4. Be sure not to click this ball! It's really annoying... if you click it you can't do the glitch!

5. Once you end up somewhere you can't go if you weren't doing a glitch, click somewhere that you can only go to when doing a glitch. And you will go there!

6. If you don't click, you will have to start this process. 


  1. Whoa! It seems Animal Jam HQ is making a LOT of gold items. First the golden gloves, then the golden pirate hat, then the golden sword, then these golden wings! What's next? Golden top hat?
    - Eightberry2


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