Friday, July 20, 2012

The Glitch

Heyo Jammers!
I'm at jammie263's house (in person)
and she was telling me to search of random people she knew on AJ
and we found InfinityMagicHeroisBack
and found some black things on the neck of his fox.
And that's what we wanted to show you!
Me: Jam On Jammers!
Ser: Jam On AJ Jammers!


  1. Okay, she was at my house, I accidently was logged on, she posted it using my user, so it looks like I posted this!! Get it now? :D

  2. Well I had that same problem in Best Dressed. You see I put a sweater like the ones you buy in The Cocoa Hut and that happened. It's not an item or anything, only a glitch.


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