Monday, July 30, 2012

How to: Get Scrolling Text

Hi jammers!

I learned how to get Scrolling Text from Goldfishypuppy's blog! Thank you Gold! :)

Anyways, here is how. I will explain it in the simplest way I can, which won't be extremely simple.

1. Click here!

2. Scroll down to:

3. Keep on scrolling until you find one type you like. There are 11 different types.

4. Then copy the code at the left of that script.

5. Go to "Layout" on the blog you want it on.

6. Do add gadget, and go to HTML/JavaScript.

7. Enter the code.

8. Then you delete words on text and add the text you want to show where the code says 

something similar to "your text goes here" or something like that. 

9. Drag the HTML/JavaScript to where you want it, such as, over the posts, or below the posts, or on the side (Left or right) of the posts!

I hope this wasn't too confusing! If it was, just comment below to tell me!


  1. Hey Jammie263 and Thebeatles0042! There is a new rare today! A purpleish bandana! It is actaully (i think) the first rare monday item that is underwater! :D

    1. Ya ik... I found that out like at 7:30 AM... I"M just too lazy to post it right now. I'm working on the story... like I'm thinking of ideas... and I have to label all my posts, which is a LOT!! :P

  2. Yea I know, and hey if you need any ideas for your story them well just ask me. Cause I got some. ;)


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