Monday, July 2, 2012

Freedom Bands and Break!

Hey jammers! The rare monday item is Freedom Bands! AJHQ kind of gave it away when they made the mistake of saying Freedom Bands were the rare monday item last week. o.0 Also, XxFreeSpiritxX quit blogging and Animal Jam! (I am so sorry she is actually now GoldFishyPuppy)
She sent me a jam a gram today saying that. 

So I guess she's quitting in August. She even sent me some items. 

Freedom Bands cost 750 gems and are at Jam Mart Clothing on page 5. 

Notice: I won't be blogging for about 2 weeks and will be late on the Thursday news because I am going somewhere for that long. I will miss everybody and sadly not all the hotels I will be at will have fre Wi-fi there. =_=


  1. lol! you highlighted in yellow that you were going to yellowstone! Have fun and don't pet the buffalo!

    1. Ya because if I didn't most people wouldn't even read it. XD And that would simply waste my time. And okay I won't... do they bite? And I hope I will have fun... but they don't have internet! (like I said before) >:(

    2. buffalo stampeded! In the old west times they could knock over trains! I was there a few yers ago and they seem so tame, you can get really close but they are wild and I hear they can stomp you, so I stayed in the car and looked at them

    3. o anyways i arrived in salt lake city yesterday night and im going to wyoming.

    4. I came back, and guess how many buffalo we saw there in all!!

      A: ABOUT 4000 BUFFALO!! XD


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