Monday, July 23, 2012

"Want a Different Life" by jammie263 (AJ pics)

Hey jammers! 

Here, I will answer you're 1st 3 questions that just popped into your head.

1. Yes, I did make a new song.

2. No, I didn't take a long time, I just thought of it right off the bat, about an hour ago.

And 3. I still don't know how to post a video, so there will be NO tune. Make one up yourself!!

Do you want to take a look?!?!?

Here it goes:

"Want A Different Life" by Jammie263 (AJ pics)

Here I am, stuck inside this neat and tidy castle...

Yes, I am still here, looking out the window... thinking of all the things I'd rather be doing...

I want to live my own life..

Every time I want to talk to a friend, all these people gather around me....

How come everybody has to look as me as just a pretty face...?

I want a different life!!!

I want to go out into the real world...

I don't care if it is "dangerous"...

I just want a different life!!!

I wish I could climb a mountain. 
Not have other people help me to fly over it... 
I want to face my challenges, 
not always have servants to do it for me!

How come my life has to be so easy...?!

Everything is just given to me.
I for once just want to live a life, where it's okay to sometimes, 
break the rules...

How come I can never follow my own dreams?!
And nobody ever listens to me...
They only smile, and say "Oh Please".
But I really mean it!!

I wish I had freedom..
I wish I could fly like that bird!!!

( • >•)

Why does everybody, throw me up into the air, where ever I go?
How come, I always have guards making sure I don't get hurt?


I just want to be all alone,
just with my friends...
having the time, of my li-iiffffe...

Thank you to all jammers who are in this picture, and no, these were pictures I got without others doing  motions on purpose!


  1. Awesome!!!!!! I love the lyrics!! BRAVO 👏!!!
    - Eightberry2

  2. another beautiful (but a touch sad) song!! love it! wish you cuold record it!

    1. Ya me too... :( But anyways, even if I could, my voice is so horrible! And the tune only sounds good in my head... not when I sing it. I bet if somebody like Adele or Taylor Swift sang it it would sound amazing and have millions of views... O.O



    2. yesh. I love siging but i have stage fright... in front of people or anywhere.... :"C sad...


  3. Did you write this song? If so, it really rocked!


Please be kind to one another. :)

See you in Jamaa,

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