Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Creepy Jammers?

Hola jammers! That's my phrase in the beginning for this post! :P

Anyways, I've been searching random usernames up, and I've found some "creepy jammers". Blank, tigers, all grey, you can't buddy them, you can't go to their den, you can't report them, you can't send them mail, they aren't on, you can't see their animals, pets, or achievements! Cool? No not really. Weird? Kinda. Creepy? YES!

Here are some jammers I searched up that were like that:

No wait, I change my mind, EXTREMELY CREEPY!!! 

And, I'm going to start making small contests, starting today! I am also going to make a "Daily Mystery" that I will post probably every month or week! :D


  1. I heard from one of my buddies that means the person was banned forever..Idk.

  2. It's either that they were banned or deactivated by AJHQ, I'm not that sure..

  3. @ Animals26 & Kittehpawz

    Someone told me it means they were deactivated, and I believe that. A lot of my buddies are grey tigers now, and they have never ever been mean. Even more, I learned that AJHQ deactivates them, not your parents. One of my storage accounts I abandoned actually is a grey tiger now! :)


  4. If it's like that it just means it was banned, deactivated, or not played with for a long time.

  5. It means that jammer hasn't played Animal Jam for a long time!

  6. dangergirl09 is like that she was a great friend but she left AJ. :'(


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